• Kurikararyū

Kurikararyū has especially been printed on 190g William Turner paper.

The print is 99 year light fast giclee Print in gallery quality.
Please recognise that this is not a poster or copy, but rather an Art print.

The print is 50×70 cm
The painting was made by Gordon Claus in 2019

Comes in a strong tube and is signed and numbered.
The Original has been sold.

Initially Japanese God of Fire, Fudo Myoō is accompanied by a dragon. Wrapped around the sword of wisdom, Fudo cuts away the Sandoku.

sandoku 三毒 "three poisons" . three passions

1 貧/欲しい、惜しいの心 - desire and greed
2 瞋/怒りや恨み - anger, aggression and hatred
3 痴/正しいことが判断できない - confusion, bewilderment, and delusion

Kurikararyū is Protector of family and homes and looks out for piece.